VTA ( / Cambridge, England)

Elysian Moments

This hurly burly life cannot compete
With natures charms matchless and sweet
Seasons are profoundly fleeting
Encapturing beauty by staying awhile
In swaying daffodils 'til windstorm beaten
And carpets of bluebells so oft beguile
As springtime buds awaken winters dreams
Of fragrant roses enchanting shades
The early dews sparkle in sunlit gleams
And moments of delight in leafy glades
The golden harvest reaped form tiny seeds
As nature yields its timely dues
Retained in memory as autumn recedes
Into crackling leaves of russet hues
Although stark winter descends
On landscapes cloaked in glistening snow
The picturesque scenery transcends
As snowflakes silently fall and so
Continues a cycle of life without cease
In the quiet hush of stillness and peace
Leaving our rush of life to surely miss
Elysian moments in time of earthly bliss

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