A girl so cute and alone
But you never would have guessed
What goes on at home

Her mom beats her
Everyday with her hand
When Ema doesn't do something
Or come at her demand

So beautiful and sweet
Secretly wishes she wasn't born
At night when she goes to sleep

At school, Ema is normal
Just like all the rest
Because she doesn't want them to know
She is not doing her best

The teacher secretly wanders
But afraid of the answer she'll get
Afraid of if she tells
Poor little Ema will get it

But poor little Ema
Didn't come to school the next day
And the teacher already knew
But didn't want to say

A little boy came up
Asking, 'Where's Ema today? '
When he pulled out a flower
'I've got one thing to say'

'I know what her mom does
At night when she's at home.
I know that her mom leaves her
At night all alone'

'I know that her spirit is broken
And she thinks she has no where to go
But, teacher, I need to talk to her,
And tell her what I know.'

' I know that I love her
though young I may be
I know I want to be with her
If only she could see'

'She is beautiful and broken
And I can help her live
The way she's always dreamed of
And love I can give'

' I know she is in heaven now
And happy I know she is
And I only wish she would know
That it's her that I really miss'

by Brie Carter

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beautiful poem.... really puts a picture in ur mind