Emblazoned Sunrise Illinois Usa

Poem By me poet yeps poet

Just too beautiful and colorful
picture poetic

I composed on sunsets
do read em
if sunrises
don't take you away from me

poet great
very great

rarely seen of late
your poems come to you
on a palate
like to me
poems come
on a decorated
golden plate

take me long with thee
Illinois is where
I often be
poets so many
like ye
I see

O poet of USA /Chicago
what a treat to see
a sleepy but smiling sunrise
poemised by thee

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Yes, sun is the source of life and the source of this beautiful poem too👍👍👍
Let the poem awake with the rising sun at chirping dawn Let the poem adorn it youthful body with the Venus beautification from the celibate foams Let the poem wander with the twinkling stars and smiling moon at the undress night dark Let the poem be eternal with the vestal virgin kiss of love on the sublime throne of Zeus
Take me along with thee Illinois is where I often be Poet so many Like ye I see Poet of USA/Chicago What a treat to see A sleepy but smiling sunrise Poemised by thee... This is just splendid. Beautiful imagery. Admirations.

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