Open The Pages Of History

Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

From Satan’s cup the masses drink
They’ll eat from off his plate
They’ll gorge until their houses sink
Beneath their sinful weight

For freedom! God, revealed His love
That eyes yet blind may see
His Son came down from high above
To die for you and me

Yet from this truth the masses stray
Both fool and worldly wise
In selfish lust they’ll drift away
Deceived by Satan’s lies

So few escape from Satan’s reign
So few are born anew
So few see Jesus come again
So few receive The Dew

Embrace the Spirit Jesus gives
Embrace His love and more
Embrace His death, the fact He lives
Embrace Him as The Door

The Door to life for you and I
The Door still open wide
The Door through which we’ll never die
But live as Jesus’ bride

God knows the price He had to pay
What pain He had to bear
So when He comes, don’t turn away
But stay and have your share

The promise, endless life to give
The promise, yet unseen
The promise, only God can give
To Jesus’ righteous queen.

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