Embrace Your Weakness.

A cut was made.
Just a scar remains.
One after another.
Leaves behind bloody stains.
Gone beyond help.
Too tired to sleep.
How many more secrets
Will I have to keep?
The idea of death,
Comes quickly and leaves.
I glance at my arms
And pull down my sleeves.
Covered in scabs,
Band-aids and blood.
Tears start to rise.
From Embarassment's flood.
Rise and then fall,
My eyes are now red.
This is more than a thought.
It's what wasn't said.
It's a voice that begs.
Begs to be heard.
Yearns to speak of the things.
That you find absurd.
You won't get to hear
The voice ever speak.
Life in the dark
Has made me so weak.
Weaker than ever,
Imagined before.
And you will just watch
As i fall to the floor.
Silent and unnoticed
I fell to the ground.
The inner voice escaped and was found.
In the blood on my arms
and scars on my wrists.
Time is just numbers
With a sad little twist.
My hidden voice
Was my kiss of death.
Now that its free
i'll be put to rest
The voice has been heard
It sings with the birds.
Listen very carefully.
And you'll hear my words.
They'll say keep going.
And never let go.
Weakness is a trait
Even heros will show.
Don't be afraid,
To say that you're scared
Death is an event
For which you can't be prepared.
Embrace your weakness
And quite unlike me
In loving yourself,
Your voice is set free.

(July 26,2007)

by Temperance Joy

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Wow. It's unreal how much i can relate to this, seriously. I love it.