Embracing Change


Putting self to death is
an act most cannot do
casting off what holds
one captive allows one
to rise anew

Seeing with spiritual
eyes while one is color
blind helps one embrace
those less fortunate with
your gift of being kind

Setting out daily with true
intentions not to cause
another pain will humble
your heart as you realize
life will never again be
the same

For kindness will nourish
your spirit with seeds of
love within, birthing in
your heart always a very
genuine selfless blessing

One will find inner peace
in their life seeking now to
stay, while also finding a
deep need in their world
to help promote change

Never judge another harshly
letting anger in your words
come to be, never let sinful
motives in your mind begin

Treat others in truly genuine
pure ways, so Gods grace will
bring alive in you a blessing
of love which stays

Never seek to harm a sister
or brother at any time so
evil may not come your way

And with this new spiritual
change beginning in your life,
His grace will bless your heart
each new day.

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Very well said indeed. Great piece.

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