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And The Moon And The Stars And The World
HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

And The Moon And The Stars And The World

Poem By Charles Bukowski

Your icy reign almost an end,
stolen bride prepares her return to light.
Emerging from the dark chrysalis of your bed,
pulling green shoots from your black depths,
she drags them to her mother
who, once more, will relent her curse:
embracing Persephone.

Does your annual arrangement still rankle
after all these centuries?
Do you brood each lonely half year,
gnashing teeth in rage?
Does th'intensity of your longing
melt Gaia's very core?
Or, is grief buried behind veiled lids,
beneath mountain ranges, frozen in granite
holding pain in some test of contemplation?

Observed details of her absence:
dishes stacked in sink;
centerpiece fill'd with blackened fruit;
clothes strewn (a mathematical proof of Chaos):
empty pizza boxes; crushed beer cans;
& a carpet that crunches with each step...
Fiercely you embrace your emptiness.
Holding a scent of her memory tight
you squeeze, until light begins to recede -
th'onset of shorter days.

Anticipating her return, you call a maid service
to clean & restore your realm,
polishing walls bone white, preparing her way.
& at the instant when all is in stasis,
earth paused in its dance a held breath,
when eggs will balance on their points & not fall
cracking like your heart each Spring
she comes to you: bringing a bowl of flowers.
Your heart leaps in your dark throat;
Light fills the Underworld
& you run to greet her:
embracing Persephone.

Copyright Hugh Cobb, Revised 1/06/2005

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Comments (6)

I tried to think of something to praise in this grand work - but then my praise would be far longer than the poem! Deep, complex - and fresh perspective on a myth which resonates through the (cluttered) house of my mind. Wonderful, staggering.
Speaking my type of English, you are Hugh. Eximious (archaic, I know) as always. Head & shoulders above the endless sea of usual mediocrity. Reminded me of a little piece I penned a while back but not posted at PH yet. In the interim, may I suggest my 'Paradigm' poem in which the peregrinating Persephone in mentioned early on. GWG
hugh this is a beautifully wrought web. an absolute delight to ingest. thank you. best wishes, stephanie
A good blend of humor and romance. Some great ension and excitement well expressed here. The tie to the current realm is seemless and the use of the classic strain is flawlessly observed. Well done.
Wow. Knowing how I live, this made me waver somewhere between humour and guilt! Full of excellent observations and one liners.