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Embracing The Dream
( / Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India)

Embracing The Dream

Poem By Dr subhendu kar

In embracing the dream
as when revered by the passion
of deep night as of being promised
to be with its hours as suave
by the each speckles of the whisper

as my quest of embracing the dream
is yet unconditional as when resourced
by the faith of love of the golden voice
as coursed by the glory of love when beckons

like a showering of he rain as rambling
to the green meadows as smooching
as dreams comes to me as when shined
by the glory of love when redeemed

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Comments (5)

I agree with Mary's comment, surprise me that she did learn...slowly but great.... thanks for sharing....thats not what she need...sorry just a comment.
Showering of rain and perfect solace found in this dream, as I embraced the weekend and your thoughts...
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Beautiful Dr. dreams promise so much, voted, admiration Chris
Hi Dr Kar! Pretty good dreams, hope they all come true for you! *10 *! Thad