(1961 / Nigeria, West Africa)

Emigrant's Lullaby

Sleep now ever gentle baby
Stars are blinking in the night.
Guiding you to restful slumber,
Little baby sleep tonight.
Guardian angels o'er your cradle
Lovingly do watch and pray...
Guiding through the dark until
The dawning of a bright new day.

Daddy's many miles from home, I
Know you wonder where he be....
He be working hard to earn
Enough to build a home for we.
Keep him safe and sound, oh angels,
Keep him in your tender care!
Whilke we slumber he shall labour
For our new home over there.

Every day, I hope a letter
Will arrive and name the day
We shall be once more united
And make our home Americay.
Whilst he slumbers, we, whilst waking
Make ends meet as best we can
Keeping safe 'till we at last
Can be united with our man.

Sleep now ever gentle baby
Mummy sings a lullaby
Slumber peaceful, slumber quiet
Hush now baby, don't you cry.
Daddy sees the stars that we see
On a far and distant shore
Soon you'll sleep in Daddy's arms and
We'll be together, evermore.

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That's a 'sweetie' Lucy, lovely lullaby, lovely write. Loved it. Love Ernestine XXX
A lovely poem. It is said that in Heaven the angels of little ones always behold the Face of God. Thank you for sharing. Regards, Sandra Fowler