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HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)


Poem By hazem al jaber

emigration, remoteness and hard work..
craving, remembrance and wishes,
are in struggle, ,
and i was a victim....

the street was strange,
and my face was looking at a strange street,
people, sun and sunset were strange too..

i saw a sweethearts hug a lovers..
saw between them a similar to a friends..
ignored me..
what is that a strange...
and what is going with that street...

a silence break a wall streets..
the people increasing in a street..
and me alone..
alone in the same street...

heard some one calling me, ,
but, still a starnge street feud with me...
heard him again, ,
telling me come, trun back..
you have no a place there, ,
the street not relete to you...

that street has it own people..
not you...
don`t be sad if he ignored you and your feelings..

the city is soo large..
and there are a lot of streets..
don`t forget that you are a strange man there..

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