This Is It-Tribute To The King Of Pop Michael Jackson

Like a shooting star

You stole the show in our skies

Young as you were

Enviable star whose fame knew no bounds

This is it

A childhood was stolen

The press will not allow you be

Even a father’s greedy for money

Could mortgage a child’s future

This is it

Your dance steps were out of this world

As shown in your trailblazing moonwalk

None could match your girly voice

Neither could songs so heal our world

This is it

Your adulthood was beclouded with scandals

The world will not allow you be

Too much money to benefit from

Can turn your best friend to an enemy

This is it

With jealous and envious pursuits

They murdered your sleep

Not even the doctor’s strongest sedatives

Could bring the peace you need

Until you finally rest in peace

This is it


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This is a very interesting poem, beautifully written.