Was born without the air of life,
Who knew you’d live with tons of strife?
Beauty, the earth had yet to know,
Until your face the Lord did show.
You smiled, laughed, but looked strange still,
But love for you our hearts did fill.
By your condition we’d abide;
Your pain was felt, better you died?
Innocence, you were made of it,
Too young to know, light ‘twas unlit.
I held you in my arms embrace
Unknown by me, to end you’d race.
The night your breath started to cease
We’d fought, raced, we made you one piece.
Comforting sound, you had survived;
We’d succeeded, you lived, revived,
But no, you were lost, you were done,
To Father you’d gone, Death had won.
You, again, someday I will meet,
But my heart continues her beat.
My string, uncut, see you in time,
In, a land without pain, you’ll shine.

by Hope Jenson

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