Emily Thomas

Poem By Anhelica Velasqsuez

Eight years old,
thats when we met
you chiped my tooth
and we became best friends
i know you, or at least i knew
your birthdays june.
you died too soon,
its january, you just died
frome 1997 to 2012
why'd you do it Em?
what was so bad?
that not even your best friend
could help?
suicide. death by rope.
just a week ago,
you sat with me
eating peanut butter on my porch
laughing at nick names we gave
the ones WE made
your eyes wernt sad,
You Werent Even Mad! !
it it becasue you miss your dad?
what about your locket you had,
the one they dug out
E.T. im sorry! but i love you too!
PLEASE come back!
i NEED you!
your like my sister!
you ARE my sister!
dont leave me alone!
i miss you, come home!
all i can think about,
is when we were 8,
E.T. its silver,
i just dont know
what to say!
exect that i miss you...
and ill be okay...
i know its not fair,
and you cant come home,
but i'll allways member,

Comments about Emily Thomas

Heart-felt poem dear friend...i hope your heart find peace, and learn that no matter how much we love each other.but each of us is an individual, we make our owm decisions, sometimes we become selfish but thats how we were all created...with that good heart of yours, you will inspire others by simply forgiving...great poem Anhelica.
A very heartfelt poem. Sorry for your loss- well expressed here-
oh...wow..that was so sad yet so powerful and beautifully written...straight from the heart....desperately sad yet warming to read............to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die... -SG xo
An excellent tribute to beloved friend! Sad but well crafted write that clearly shows your great and honest feelings! Be strong my dear friend, I know the feeling with my fathet passing away no long ago! Go Bless You!
I wish you lots of strength, Anhelica. Losng a close friend in such a way must be very hard. These things do happen in a moment of despair. It is not a logical decision, they do not want to betray the ones who love them. I will pray for ET and for all who loved them. Best wshes.

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