Little Joys

Although it may be hard and rough-
Because of many trials,
Laugh with a stone long enough-
Eventually it smiles.

by Rubius Nox

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Eminence comes through values. Greatest love comes from God through light into Earth. We feel this. This is really great when love is transformed into light of love of wisdom. Love glows and grows with us. This is a great write and you are a nice poet.
Edify yourselves and your families for bliss, Edgy persons are furious don't make them hiss. Ecstasy will come if you will be on truth, Eclat will be got soon if you hold ruth...this is marvellous beginning always with E . you might have spend so much time to wrie this, to think, to find proper words. marvelous dear poet. tony
Thank you dear Chandraupatla for your comment on the basis of alliteration as the poem is on alliteration. Your comment is interesting and touching.
Each of us need to implement Essence of every line of the poem Enormous bliss all over will Envelop this entire world. Enjoyed the beautiful message conveyed through the poem.