Emma has eyes, like the heavens of blue,
She has a delicate air of beauty about her too.
If Emma were a season, she would be spring,
She's free and she's happy, like a bird on the wing. Where Emma is, you hear the laughter of great friends,
Whose happiness never comes to an end,
It was in a green vale, that Emma was born,
And heaven's angels guard her from dusk until dawn. Emma has found the gift of love, so true,
Which spreads radiant joy, when she shares this gift with you,
She's gentle and innocent and pure like a dove,
And when she cries,
Her tears are like translucent fountains,
Falling from above.

by Julia Ann Holliday

Comments (3)

Lovely poem, you create a vibrant picture of Emma. Wonderful poem.
Sounds soo sweet :) the poem pictures a real angel. im sure she is. and the poem is impregnated with the warmth and love of urs.....
Sounds just like my beautiful grandaughter Emma