A Mother's Grief

There are no sorrows
Like a mother's grief

No one can ever know
And it is never brief.

The pain she carries
Is like daily death

Though memory buries
She cannot forget.

Where would she run
For a healing balm?

Tears for a lost son
Though shed, cannot calm

A baneful mother's heart
For death was so tragic

It had torn her apart
Evasive justice they seek

I pray her son's killers
Be caught to serve time

Heal this grieving mother
Knowing they paid the crime.

This poem was about my friend, a mother whose son was brutally stabbed to death by two drug addicts while he was working late at night driving a tricycle. He was father to two small children.

All rights reserved~~~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~11.20.13

by Cynthia BuhainBaello

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In this haunting poem, James A. Emanuel tells the story of Emmett Till in a disturbing way: as a children's bedtime story. His method works quite well. 'He keeps floating, Round the darkness, Edging through, The silent chill' is a refers to 14 year old Emmett's corpse floating through the Tallahatchie River. 'Necklaced in, A coral toy' refers to the barbed wire which was used to tie Emmett to the gin fan, thrown into the Tallahatchie. His feet were tied down and after three days, his bloated and deteriorated body rose to the surface and was fished out. The most disturbing lines of the poem are 'Tell me, please, That bedtime story, Of the fairy, River Boy'. It is ironic because many parents of color used the story of Till as a warning to their children of what racism can do to a person, simply because he or she is of a different race. However, the child in this poem is fascinated with the story, perhaps out of fear and wonder. Many times, people research and yearn to learn more about something that fascinates them, even if that something is the lynching of a child. Emanuel uses this interesting approach and it creates a dynamic poem.