Emmy Lou

Poem By Charles Flesfader

Cruisin’ the Murray, out of Olde Echuca Town
Is a riverboat of renown, jewel in Echuca’s crown.
Pride of both the River, and her crew:
Dip yer hats, lads ‘n’ ladies, to “Emmy Lou”

The sound of her paddle wheels splashin’,
Boiler blazin’, smokin’, it’s real old fashion'!
People linin’ the rails, their hearts fair a-thrill,
Experiencin’ an age long past, yet with us still.

Of later build, with her livery o’ brown ‘n’ buff,
She was made o’ steel ‘n’ red gum – (real tough!)
Launched in ‘82, by Hume Colville, Engineer,
She’ll be with us for good many a year!

With ‘er whistle playin’ a sweet song o’ steam,
An’ Paddle wheels athwart her broadish beam,
She’ll stir the heart of many a sailor man, and
Even them who’s feet have never left dry land!

Skipper perched high above, holdin’ the wheel,
In sinewed hands, with vice-like grip o’ steel,
Surveyin’ all what’s below, his kingdom domain;
Steamin’ through all kinds o’ weather, sun and rain.

Take a ride, mateys, it’ll put a lump in yer throat,
As ye ply Ole man River, up and down, afloat,
Listenin’ to the steam a-hissin’ and engine-room bell
Drinkin’ in the red gum smoke’s enticing smell.

Visions ‘ll come floodin’ by, in greater measure,
Of boats ‘n’ skippers now gone, things to treasure.
So, get yerself aboard, mark me words, it’s true…
She’s worth the ride, good old “Emmy Lou! ”

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