Emmy's (Senryus)

I went to the shop,
To buy some nice yellow paint,
For my living room.

I walked home from school,
It was foggy there that day,
I saw a rabbit.

I went to my gym,
I go there when i'm active,
After, I feel fresh.

Emily Wyllie (9)

by duncan wyllie

Comments (5)

Excellent work Emily and thank you for posting them Duncan. Best wishes, Andrew
Hey, I started something here didn't I. Very good ones, but I would name them as Senryus not Haikus as they are not of nature or the weather. They are very good Senryus Emily. Well done. Love Ernestine XXX
Well lovely mature Haiku's real nice.........you saw the rabbit very nice.....Dave Please say HI to Kim and Emmim
Runs in the family Duncan. Sweet little Haiku's Patricia
You have worked so well on these darling and to think that these are your first haiku's Thanks Ernestine for the inspiration.Love Duncan