HB ( / hell)

Emo Fashion

spike, my friend dresses in drag
better than me, i dress like a fag
people judge and people laugh
they dont look through this mask

i am emo so they say
dont judge me or i'll run away
i'll scream and shout and slit my wrists
jesus u dont know the extent of this

i wear make up, i dress like death
black and white, this could be my last breath
bleeding all over the bathroom
this life is like an enclosed tomb

chains and that
black and that
makeup and that
painted nails and that
yer maw nd all that shat

i wish i could tell you
how deep i am
the cuts that burn
just as deep as my thoughts

so scoff and laugh
label and have fun on my behalf
think how it makes me feel
you and your shpeel


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