Emo She Is

i cannot be you, i can only see through you, into them.
i see what you do, with her, with him, your self and me.
i see you from the perspective that you never used, you see.
abused to cut, into me, when the splash, is you, in her.
i see through your mirror, you sucking me, how can you
do it, to me, to you, inside running out from me, it can
see the blue white gash on my head, i see you upside down
on deaths bed the blood dropps drip up through the air.
your middle once pink, now clings wet, from the sweat
of abuse that she slings upon your face, her shame, yet
once again the wooden tree slides down and up between
onto the screen of loves, troubled blank gaze your blackness
is her day, her cat is your friend, wear him in deaths, last kiss.

by James McLain

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