Emo Tastic

Emo tastic

I'm emo tastic
I slit my wrists
I cry in corners
Cause you don't care

I wear tight jeans
Black liner to the max
Odd colored hair
Colored contacts

Am I goth?
Am I grunge?
Am I punk?
No, I'm Emo.

Did you notice?
Because no one likes you.
Cause Emo's always cry.

Emo tastics should just shut up
Go jump infront a speeding bus.

So you didn't get concert tickets
Oh Jesus, kill me.

So you got dumbed.
Oh Satan, burn me.

So your fat.
Oh lord help me.
No, wait, stop going to Burger king.

No one like's Emos.
Over rated.
Go slit your wrists in a closet.
Where we lock you up to shut you up,
To not hear your annoying cries.

Emo's find no good reason.
They cry and cry because they 'think'
they live in misery.

Have a shelter?
Your not Emo.
Have food?
Your not Emo.
Go to school?
Your not Emo.
Fight with your parents?
Your not Emo.

Your the problem.
With your delusional eyes.
Get a grip
you annoying fly.

by Mel Reyes

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now i know what emo means...thanks for this...