Poem By Sherman Peebody

Emotion is a telephone,
That rings incessantly.
Emotion is a person who,
Calls to speak with me.

Emotion is a relative,
Inquiring 'bout my state.
Emotion is a neighbor whom,
I wish not to relate.

Emotion is the lingering thought,
My boys will be like me.
Emotion is a prison forged,
Of mediocrity.

Emotion is the clutching hand,
That chokes the voice of reason.
Emotion is a stormy cloud,
O'er head through every season.

Emotion is the struggle to,
Try and comprehend,
Emotion is the many thing,
I fail to understand.

Emotion is to care too much,
What ev'ry one will think,
Emotion is anxiety,
Exposed upon the brink.

Emotion is an afterthought,
Of decisions past.
Emotion is the regret which,
Seems to ever-last.

Emotion is the self-contempt,
To which I am addicted,
Emotion is the sarcasm,
That's often self-inflicted.

Emotion is authority,
Perceived to be a threat.
Emotion is anticipation,
Causing beads of sweat.

Emotion is comparison,
Of myself to others.
Emotion is the weakness traits,
Reflected in my brothers.

Emotion is to rush about,
A sense of urgency.
Emotion is the confidence,
Born of impotency.

Emotion is the guilt that weighs,
Heavy on my shoulder.
Emotion is the shame that grows,
Each day as I get older.

Emotion is the sadness that,
Is with me every day.
Emotion is a frightened child,
Who's lost the will to play.

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