I’ve wandered through Himalayas
Of Kashmir till Sikkim, of Arunachal till Nepal
have known the desert, have known the valleys
that blue river, that stark sky
it’s a harsh paradise glorifying your eye.
More I see the less I gain, it’s a desire
believe me,
It’s your soul which will never get satisfied.

It is not the places I seek, but the aroma that is behold
as many saints are living in that white sand
which makes you dazzled, making you like a moving nugget?
To know the sand, to know the thin air
Oh I’ve wandered through Himalayas
to know myself I’m in despair

Days went by and feeling the cold heat
I was moving in the brown rags
stained with colour of blood
but the ardor never ended to see this paradise
as early as Christ
lived with Moses on this promise land

Oh I’ve wandered through Himalayas, my soul has risen

by Himanshu Sanghani

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A thoughtful poem, very well written.
Wow, nicely penned
Nice poem, Reader must like this type of poem
sir, is there any way to control over our emotion or passion as our wish
So good
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