Poem By Seamus Shaneous

when i think of who i love
your the first one on my mind
i've had lust, crushes, and one night stands
but there's nothing like you out there to find
you need not worry how i am
i can make it on my own
i went from troubled on the streets
to working hard to prove i've grown
i have to accept the fate i've sealed
i will relearn to love someday
i'm not afraid to face the truth
but i hate that it ends this way
i've made some choices that i regret
i'm sure you must have a few
i'd give my life to take them back
at least i can admit what's true
i cry, i sob, i can't move on
my thoughts are filled with shame
i feel like myself physically
but my soul screams out in pain
if this is the last rhyme i ever write
i hope you'll consider why
if i hold on to these painful thoughts
my soul will surely die
with no soul there is no emotion
i was raised to be a clown
outside i love to laugh and play
but inside i am shutting down

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