Emotional Doors

Poem By beautiful imperfection

My life is falling apart,
I have no control anymore,
I can no longer keep closed
these emotional doors.
I kept them shut
to hide my pain,
and now that they're open,
I can't hide them again.
But maybe this is a good thing,
maybe it's not so bad,
maybe if I show my emotions,
I won't be quite so sad.
Keeping a lock on my emotions
wasn't healthy anyway,
it kept me on my guard
each and every day.
Maybe if I show people
what I really feel,
I'll be more open and carefree,
because I'll be real.
So I guess I'll just accept this,
and make of it the best,
and put God in charge
of all the rest!

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This poem is beautiful And every word That you mention in this poem Is so true

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