2 Year Anniversary

Baby do you remember
The first day of December
When we first met, when we first kissed
From that moment I knew that love really exists
From then on you captured my heart
And I knew that nothing could ever split us apart
That day you made my heart shatter
And all I could think was of a happily ever after
So many months have passed and gone
And nothing has and will ever break our bond
You are my baby my best friend
The girl that I will love until the very end
From the beginning we were a perfect fit
Our love is forever mami, it will never quit
We are filled with love and without deception
Our love mi reina it’s a picture of perfection
I fell in love on December one
And on that day I knew you were the one
You are my drug, my necessity
The main ingredient in my recipe
Without you baby I couldn’t survive
Without you mami I wouldn’t be alive
You are the reason I am here
I just want to say happy two years

By: Abraham Guerrero Jr.

by Junior Guerrero

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