Emotional Roller-Coaster

Stuck on an emotional roller-coaster
What seemed to be never ending eternity
– appears more real than a theatrical poster
Wilder than male undergraduates from a fraternity
Emotions pouring out
Laugh, cry, grin and shout
Without any second thought or doubt
During old times and modernity
After a decade trying to conceive
Foster care soon came to follow
Lively children, sincere and naive
Formula and juice they surely wanted to swallow
Would they stay or would they go
Only time could tell and show
Nobody really seemed to know
My heart feared and felt hollow
Destiny was clearly written and defined
All three little darlings did stay
What a relief and peace of mind
I thanked God for hearing me pray
Daily love, care and attention
Trying to stay calm without hypertension
Hugging, kissing and lots of affection
Each and every single blessed day
After many years of happiness and enjoyment
Adoption, A.D.H.D. and Alzheimer’s disease did follow
An abundance of emotions, filled every single moment
Bliss, delight, sorrow, confusion, happiness, wallow
Recollections of ecstasy, seventh heaven, joy and bliss
Will always be sealed with a sweet and tender kiss
Good deeds and kindness from my spouse I will miss

by Ana Monnar

Comments (3)

This is a wonderful depiction of emotional roller coaster that we feel in our lives. The sense of love and happiness along with the touch of sadness are felt in your write. May your heart once again be filled with peace and joy. Scott
A Master Piece, Thanks for Sharing ' Emotional Roller-Coaster', as for life's ups and downs matters to feel and deep it in, blessed your heart to love and share!
An awful amount of love and from the gut feelings, emotional events in here...Yes, life is certainly an Emotional Roller-Coaster....Great title, even better poem full of experiences. both happy and sad. marci. :)