Poem Hunter
SM (08/05/1982 / Pennsylvania)


Emotions run deep...these feeling i have
it's more than i can bare
Nothing i can say or nothing i can do right now
could make you believe how much i truely do care
You mean so much to me, potentially my everything.

You thought if you told me how you honestly felt
that i would be scared...
that is not the case at all
I know the mistakes that i have made, i cannot erase

I feel so powerless when we don't speak
It's like neither one of us will break
at this point i just feel so weak

Seeing you give me butterflies
Talking to you makes me smile
laughing with you make me happy
You eyes are honest, they don't lie
I will never forget the look you gave me that night
after you hugged me so tight, kissed me on the forehead and said good night.

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