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MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)


Forgive me, for my heart died again.
I have had too many of your salted words
The ones you tend to feed me when anger
And pride takes over.
My eyes burn from the flames of your hate
That you embrace me with,
Once again, I have lost the will to reach out to you,
The horrid look upon your face while you
Turn to push me away eats the very inside of my
Stomach, taking everything that I have.
My love for you no longer sleeps between each petal
But somewhere in the dark, cold and anguished,
For you have shattered my wishes
And laughed at my tears,
If only you knew how painful it is to cry a tear.
My heart is no longer beating,
You have taken me for yet another ride.
My skin is scarred from your blades,
Sharp are the edges that cut through my soul
With no regrets,
You will no longer see my face in your sunlight
I will not again be at your convenience while you toy
With my emotions.
Forgive me, for my heart died again.

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