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NS (June 13,1951 / Holland)


Poem By Nick Sym

My emotions have taken a holiday,
I feel neither joy nor pain
They all have been washed away,
by an unexplainable internal rain

There are no cares or worries,
no expectations or concern
It feels as if that life is a game,
I wish I could miss my turn

The day is cold and gloomy,
the sun does not show her face
It is not whether it is won or lost,
I am just trying to finish the race

Why must it be a competition,
always fighting to be the best
Is there any reason,
that we cannot just be like the rest

My sanity taxi has just arrived,
I will get through an other day
It's just that I get so fed-up,
with the games that some people play.

By Nick Sym

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