Emotions! !

They said I had no emotions,
But that just isn't true,
For my emotions don't show you,
The feelings I'm going through,
I try to block them out,
There presence is just to strong,
But still they will never show you,
The hurt I was feeling, all along

Emotions can't be tamed, only managed in some way,
Is it to much to ask that mine calm themselves someday?
I'm tired of their mind tricks, confusion and hurt,
I don't want to have to do this,
But nothing else works

With every breath I breathe, every cut I make,
My emotions pour out and make me feel better,
I'm free again,
But how long will this feeling last?
Only time can tell,
When will the urge come back? ,
For me to do the same again

Why can't I see this isn't working
There's got to be another way,
They said I had no emotions, no strength,
So I'm proving it today.

So now I will not cut,
I will hold my head up high,
Thank you for being there along the way,
And now this is goodbye,
I don't need you anymore,
I can do this on my own,

So I'm throwing you away,
Other blades too,
I thought you would help me,
But thats was never EVER true.

by Becky Ginn

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Emotions is right deep poem becky thanks for sharing.