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Emotions Astir

Poem By Helene Sawyer

Tears fall each night
Holding onto t he teddy bear from Christmas 06'
Staining my pillow case to a dying red
Nights cold as the looks of you
Winds freezing all the happiness i had left
Nothing is going to be changed
A simple 'I'm sorry' will not make me feel differently
Emotions stir deep inside me
Tears start to build up slowly behind my eyes
I shed a fak smile to show that I can be happy
Even though, just remembering that 06-07' was very different
Classes the same, you aren't in them

Emotions stir within my heart
Crying at night, with the only strength I have left
Papers fly all over the parking lot
Winds spin everything around
Even my thoughts are turned around
Tears freeze
Blood churns
Eyes close
The emotions you have for me are different than the ones I have for you

Emotions stil deep down inside me
Holding onto the pride I have left
All the poems start to sink in deep
Phrases start to resemble my whole life
Roses changing colors with a blink of an eye
No one knows why I am this way
Friends and parents concerned
Eyes from a green to a grey
Rosy red cheeks
Darkening nights, brighter days
Stomach aches becoming stronger
Hunger level keeps dropping
But I do nothing to stop it

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