Emotions Collide

Emotions collide
Images don’t last
In a blurry motion
Speeding fast

Chasms inside
Bombs blast
Every single day
Effects that last

Incomplete fusion
Of binary cognition
Undead burial
In vampirish condition

Tears flow
And pain rushes through
No one would remember
The way I will remember you

My vision is pure
My talons are clean
In a distant land
You turn eighteen

What you see
Is not what you get
I live alone
Without a regret

Me and you
You and me
How we exist
No one can see

You dwell inside of me
Beast within a beast
We hunt together
The bloody feast

Why regrets then?
Why the shame?
Lure them to your den
And kill them in my name

Sustain your gift
Without passivity or mist
Misery undenied
Dolour unified
What pain shined through?
And filled the insides of you
Tear down the veil of unclarity
Embrace the bestial muscularity

Thursday,11 May 2006

by Muhammad Yahya

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