Emotions Evaporate!

Elegantly enthralling in this evening is the expanse of the sea
Spread so vast and wide, everywhere I could see
Cloudy sky colorfully painted to pose
On watching it, my soul silently rose

Fishing birds do frequent round
My mind also looked for them around
Breeze blows filling the body and soul
Boats are on their return, with fishermen posing eyeful

I am still here, says the setting Sun
Watching from the balcony offers abundant fun
Peacocks scream from a short distance
Place like this you can't forget, if you had been once

Few lovers roam in the elegant small walk way
That stays between me and the breathtaking bay
Scene like this is hard to get
With anyone, I shall not hesitate to bet!

Over my head dispersing are the tiny clouds
That silently dissolves without any feuds
Delicately disappear into a smoke wave
Absorbed by this, I shall not agree from here, to leave

Series of waves roar before they hit the shore
Beauty of their foam and form is a joy to watch more
Small salty smelling smokes raise when splashing waves so hit
Silently I could observe from the balcony where I sit

A small home at the center of a coconut grove
With peace ruling like the grave
From the chimney, raising were the tiny smokes
On seeing this beauty, my mind stood without strokes

Panoramic picture, this balcony offer
Such soul scintillating scene, I blindly prefer
Could observe, similar smoke rising from my tea cup
With emotions of a stirred soul began to pickup

With feelings of my love, my heart began to pain
Tho' nature is beauty beyond imagination, love is main
For love, my soul started to long
As I too had traveled very long

With a feeling of missing, I could feel my emotions evaporate
With love alone, firmly felt, life becomes a joy to celebrate!
Invisible emotions emits invisible smokes from my paining chest
Such separation from my soul mate, never I can digest!

Above poem is adapted from the eBook "ENOUGH TO FLY AND PLAY AND A COLLECTION OF POEMS" by Mr.V.MUTHU MANICKAM. Copyrights reserved.

by V.Muthu Manickam

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