Emotions (Julia)

Throughout my life I wrote,
every single one of my emotions,
something natural to me.

Even so from me to you,
if becomes different somehow,
can even be said that, its difficult.

I thought this would be easy,
such simple words written down,
telling you of a simple emotion.

Worth so little to many around,
yet so much in significance to me,
as in the end I am in shadows.

Yet my words can only be written,
leaving me with no abstract option,
not letting me express what I feel.

With the words stuck on my lips,
waiting to be released from this cage,
like a beast desperate to be freed

Thinking that at this moment,
shooting stars would light the sky,
rainbows would end where we stand.

Time would stop in its tracks,
leaving the rain around us afloat,
our reflections off each drop.

Even so, without all that I'm happy,
only leaving me to want is a smile,
with the simple words, 'I love you.'

by Javier Falcon

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