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Emotions Raw
LC (Friday 16th October 1987 / Alexander Hospital, Redditch.)

Emotions Raw

Emotions raw,
i want you to touch me
one more time.
This love is an open door,
stay just a little longer.
Once you have left,
ill be alone trying to hold
your memory in my hands but
its like
Not knowing what meanders around the river bed.
Wish i could swim in your waters forever,
but im bearly able to keep my head up as it is.
And i can feel your eyes on me,
i dnt even have to turn to know that you're there
Your touch stroking softly,
even though you're out of reach.
I'd love to spend my life without paying the price,
but no.

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Comments (2)

-.-' nice poem i like it lolz lol i write dirty poems -.-'
ok... felt a little bit 'dodgy' around the 'Wish i could swim in your waters' part, but otherwise this is very good: -)