JR (22 September / London)

Emotions Whose Oceans None Tame

Has 'Chance' ever sought to undo
Events it engenders, whose aim
Links Cause and Effect, threads into
Eternity, treads till Time's claim
Null and void to all else is it drew,
Deriving from one star its fame.

Has maid caught thought cascade to braid two
Ever one? What begun with acclaim
Leads to tango intense, as both view
Ease, tease, pleasing as pair, there proclaim
Nature's harmony, long overdue,
Dissipating historical blame.

Has the rainbow bewitched her? arched cue
Energizing emotions which flame
Like love's blaze to amaze, tonic, true,
Ever magic, and never the same,
Now green and now scarlet, now blue,
Drawn to change, sweet exchange, play strange game.

Her soul-song soft-strong would pursue
Echo found so profound, soon became
Laughter twinning Yin and Yang spinning through
Enchantment's enjoyment, rename
'Now' 'forever' Time cannot subdue,
Designing fine future few frame.

Heart flows lets love's arrow fly to
Eliminate obstacles lame,
Like a spark which the dark lit; it knew
Emotions whose oceans none tame.
Night burned bright, to light turned, earned a new
Departure for pastures green. Game?

Hence! calls finger, don't linger, renew
Emotions whose motions enflame,
Late seems better than never to brew
Endeared peer to peering refrain,
Nascent empathy spread, in its train
Doubts dissolved, all cares solved, what a coup!

Hither, thither, summations sweet flew,
Exploring encore's ring, campaign
Lifting heart for fresh start, gladness grew
Entrancing, enhancing the same,
Neutral never she'd, clever, review
Dreams inspired, gleams entire seemed. Adieu!

(18 December 1997)

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