One thing I know
Something's missing in my heart
It's coming slow
Then suddenly

Now I know
The thing that's missing
I can feel my heart
Then it hit me! ! !

My whole heart
Has an emptiness inside
The veins in my body
Has been tied
My heart slowly cries
And shout out loud

I feel alone
In the whole world
I am alone
My vision started to swirl

This is all I can say
There's an emptiness in my heart
No one can fill it in
It's been like this since the start

Who could mend an empty heart?

by Liz Gellur

Comments (2)

I've felt it too. I think most people who write or paint or make music know Emptiness well. I've learned to make friends with it and not to fear it quite so much when it descends. You can learn from it and the pain it engenders. And I suppose the Eastern religions would say we're blessed: If something is empty, there's more room to hold good things. It's good to try to fill out emptiness with good things when we can. I enjoyed your poem so very much.
Some poets always feel empty...maybe this is where your writing comes from. Embrace this emptyness, it is who you are, or maybe just your soul telling you, I want to be happy. Be happy Liez. Nice poem.