Poem Hunter
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)


I wish you were close to me so I could anything whisper in your ear
The reasons I am in love with you, my insecurities and my fear
But there's an empty space on my bed that can only filled by isolation
The same space is in my heart where I only see desolation
I need something to change my perspective of love as a loss of hope
Move my mirror and change that dark closed view in my scope 
The more that we talk, the more this obbsesion begins to mount
I miss you every second you're gone and eagerly await your return
I carve your name in my arm every five minutes so I can keep count
Your arrival brings relaxion and soothes this sorely aching burn
Our government is a democracy but you dictate my heart's direction
We used to be a democracy but you took over after your election
I hope that the days of loneliness finally come to a painless end
Here are the stiches and thread for my heart, which I want you to mend
Take them in your hands and work them until I can love once more
I hope you turn them into something that forces jaws onto the floor
I want you so close your breath brushes across my face when you talk
For now all I have is this empty bed and limp legs so away I can't walk
Please free me of the demons that make me always feel so alone
Because though I have strength, I don't have enough to face them on my own....

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