AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)


The blood that falls from my heart is not pain
Though it's the tears from my eyes
For red is not showing but it's the emptiness from my soul
For I would die then live but live to die
Nor how deep you go no pain I will feel
Theirs nothing you can do that I havent done to myself
Theirs just things that you wouldn't understand
And how my life goes that's one thing you will never get
People say 'picture you in my shoes'
I dont have to because I know the shoe wont fit

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I feel the same way..I mean In the same snse I feel that same way... but youare are right I wouldnt fit in 'your shoes' you wouldnd fit in mine that is how life is but I really like it...You are really good at writting potery keep it up I look forward to reading many more to come...
hey, i really liked your poem! i write a lot of poems when im upset of even when i feel anything. it just helps me out when ever i need to get somthing off my mind. its better than doing things that may hurt me or the people around me! and i still gets my point out