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AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)


Poem By Angelique' Rockwell

Feeling so empty
And so very much alone
But there's no one to call
When I pick up the phone

What can I do?
What's there to say?
That I'm hurting myself?
Can someone please take the pain away?

I just want to feel normal
Alive and loved for myself
But seems I lost all that with the phrase-
In sickness and in health

I did this to myself
I'm the one who left the life
I couldn't take it anymore
But 5 years later I still feel like a wife

In every relationship since
It seems like its all I know
Being a girlfriend isn't for me
I want to be more than just for show

I want to be needed
To know who I can trust
Don't like looking over my shoulder
Want to feel like I'm a must

I think two people should lean
Together just like they are one
There shouldn't be any doubt at all
Just to live, breathe and have fun

I love with all I have
I give the shirt off my back
I cook, clean, and take care of all I love
So what is it that I lack?

It'll never be the same
That I don't doubt at all
But why do I feel so insufficient?
Like one ant in a big mall.....

I put in everything I have
There isn't much else I can do
I need more than the response
Yeah, I love you too.


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much sadness and truth here, thik you express what a lot of women feel. Keep writing.