The angels sang to me tonight,
They tried to assure me and tell me everything’s alright.
But no it’s not cause pieces of me are gone.
You can hear it in my voice as I sing my empty song.
I’m emptiness, I’m alone,
I want to be free with someone not alone.
My heart slips into the dark,
My eyes empty, hollow and dark.
Nothing blindes me, nothing keeps me back.
All I need is a meaning of life cause it’s whack.
Coldness fills my hands everyday,
Why I gotta do this, why I gotta live this way?
My memories, my past don’t affect me no more.
I’m not dumn, don’t fall for me I’m not something you should adore.
Live your life and leave me be,
Cause I gotta find a meaning of life, that’s me.

by jasmine banahi

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This poem of yours has a wonderful mesage., but when i place the title upon it., well., it seems to apply the means, that you being the writer., is in means of giving me., that being a me., means nothing...........(just a thought) Thanks for sharing, Jodilee