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JN ((1969 -) / England)


Poem By J.L. Nash

In a not dissimilar fashion to the way you pour your life in to me and then
I let it flow from me
Trickling until the river basin is formed
So I dispelled my words onto paper
And that paper gave back to me form and beauty

As you are gone from me
So I have lost my words
All of them

I thought they were in a clear plastic box in one of the sheds
But then I discovered
That they were gone
Like the best part of you
goes from me and it’s still ok

Have to learn to replace one of those feelings with the other

I looked everywhere for those words
Under sheets, between the pages of other people’s books
Inside your mouth

But in the shadow that lies over our bed, now that my brow is damp
my hair sticks to the back of my neck
And my mouth is dry
In that sweet shadow
which has pulled itself over your shoulders commanding you to sleep
I sit at the end of the mattress, under it, emptied of words

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