Mornings I awake in your thoughts
My first breath starts in your memories
Day goes on in your mythical presences
Lives short time with you makes me sleep

You walked away leaving me behind
I stayed back watching you move away
But never wanted you to be back again
Instead loved living in bestowed memories

Now I am alone in this world of true lies
Truth is my loneliness and its the lie too
Truth is my love and it is the lie too
Truth is my being and my being itself is lie

Now I wonder on each and everything I see
I feel as if its my first and last encounter
I live the moment and I leave the moment
I carry forward nothing but just my emptiness

by Kranthi Pothineni

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‘…Truth is my love and it is the lie too // Truth is my being and my being itself is lie…’ Excellent composition in ‘push-pull’ …’light-shade’ style…multiple culminations… Ms. Nivedita UK
Sartre published a philosophical work in 1943, his most important philosophical treatise: ''Being and Nothingness'' ''We mean that man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world-and defines himself afterwards. If man as the existentialist sees him is not definable, it is because to begin with he is nothing. He will not be anything until later, and then he will be what he makes of himself'' Love nevertheless remains a profound existential problem and a solution. Wonderful philosophical poem, lovely to read................10++++++++
An empty world which made a mark to your poem...touching poignant piece...well done! ! ! 10
Emptiness of mind is filled by wind of divinity......a good write....
The essence of the poem is that emptiness is the end all. Good poem, Kranthi,10/10. Best Wishes Naseer
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