AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

Empty Beds: A Poem To A Winter Night

Ok, so I'm sorry.
Isn't that what you wanted to know?
in that case, you win.

I'll send back your pictures and your books,
you can keep the dictionary, some day
you might put it to use.
Assuming you ever want
to look up the definition of
relationship or abandonment.

I'll stop being acrimonious,
I'll stop talking to your sibling.
This year I promise to:
take better care of myself,
to rest more,
to read more,
to write more
and overall, just exist more.

I'll stop blaming you for everything,
though it's all your fault.
I'll accept my own downfalls:
loving you more,
wanting you more,
needing you more.

So, yeah,
I'll send back the pieces of you:
Your voice, the ever present
ringing in my ears.
Your avoidance, my constant worry.
I'm keeping the kiss,
your last letter and the paper cut.

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Comments (5)

Of course, this poem gives birth to little tears.
Amberlee this is a very moving and witty poem. Your writing belies your youth. Always remember to be good to yourself or you'll be no good for anyone else. Sincerely, Kenneth
Very moving poem, I love every verse of it. well done! and as for him as it said in the poem of Wendy Cope: ! HBH
Well I'm stunned this is really tooo much its got everything that one could put into to a hand full of words about a broken relationship thats good thanks for sharing
this is awesome. i think anybody who has ever been thru a turbulent relationship can identify with this one. superb.