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Empty Cradle
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Empty Cradle

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Joyful tears, silent cry
Open heart, beautiful smile.
Happy days, Wonderful news,
World looks brighter now that the world has you.

Unseen heartache,
Lost soul shall he take.
When the infant sleeps, the cradle shall brake.
No reason or cause can be found here.
Tears pour fourth, cutting wombs may never heal.

Momma crys, silent they fall.
Looking at that cradle empty and dull.
Holding her hand daddy crys to,
How can I make them better,
No baby brings bad news.

Empty Cradle is all we have,
No more laughter, so silent & sad.
All is empty, all is lost
No simple make believe to wash away this loss.

Cherished heart, new found day.
May one day breech the heartache that lay.
Away in that hollow, away in that soul.
Away in the emptyness that weakens the soul.

Empty Cradle silent it crys,
To strong to follow,
To hard to hide.

One day maybe it will all be good.

Until then that Empty Cradle bring sadness & gloom.

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