Empty During The Day And Dark At Night

Poem By cecelia warner

Creating a small island of hope in a sea of ruin
Sparkling and bright on Delery Street
Block after block of ruined shells with doors swinging open
Empty during the day and dark at night
This area is a long way from being a neighborhood again
There were promises on thursday to bring the neighborhood back
There was cheering,
There were plaques for volunteers
Empty during the day and dark at night
Women who had been next-door neighbors for 25 years
Until Hurricane Katrina blew their houses away
Volunteers built the houses on the same spot as the original ones
Thursday represented a hopeful beginning on a street that once sheltered
Empty during the day and dark at night
But under thursday's bright sun, the focus was not on the hurdles
If you try not to focus on how bad everything is
You can focus on what is good
Empty during the day and dark at night

(By: Shannah Mackey)

Comments about Empty During The Day And Dark At Night

Not bad at all...not bad at all....I wish I was on a small island of hope...beats the hell out of this tourist trap.
Ya know... sometimes I forget how old you are... great write hun. Keep up the good work! !
Wow, this is a powerhouse of a write, Shan-Banan! I'm so proud of you and the compasion I felt throughout the poem... excellent! Love ya, Aunt Lee
My thoughts and prayers are with you as you work to establish your neighbourhood again.

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