The Wild Iris

Poem By Louise Gluck

Does Heaven seem at war with you?
On God, do you depend?
Whatever you think, say or do
Is Jesus still your friend?

Does life seems down, instead of up?
Sickness and death's abound?
Tears and misery fill your cup?
And no relief is found

Suffering holds you in its arms
As if by devils haunted
While heart and soul sound loud alarms
Heaven reigns undaunted

It's not you, nor the world at large
But wayward paths of sin
While devils, we think are in charge
Through deception within

My friend, dear friend, God is just
From vows, He'll never sever
As treasures man's formed from the dust
To keep and love forever

Life's not all rainbows and sunbeams
Joyful laughter each day
Incessant hope fulfilling dreams
Every time we pray

It's our living Lord God testing
Servants, as worthy tools
Its selfless love requesting
That true obedience rules

Heaven has rewards now waiting
Jesus the Christ who saves
For children God's truths relating
Fleeing death's yawning graves.....

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