Empty Inside

He lives a life based on fact
and things that he can touch
Opinions and faith, to him
They don't matter so much.
He never has to pray
He has nothing to hide
His life is so full
Yet he is empty inside.

He cherishes his worldly possessions
Things he's bought...money he's spent
Don't offer him salvation or fairy tales
Like grand hereafter or The New Testament
It's a sad story really, were it told
Children don't call, marriages fail
Self- induced anger and misery
Nights alone with his tonic and ale.

And nobody important died on the cross
No blood was spilled from a lamb
Easter is about bunnies and colored eggs
And maybe a Kretschmar ham
And damn the consequences
When his time on earth is through
Jesus is surely just a myth
So Satan must be too...

by maggie signaigo

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