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Empty Mind
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Empty Mind

An empty mind gives an empty hope.
I am struggling with my own world.
My mind is searching for something novel.
These empty minds will never get me the equation I want.
Empty minds confer an empty strength to fight.
I want a true strength to get over with this bare mind.
I want this earth in my tender.
Can I do this, I am anxious.
I don’t have the strength to over come this mind.
Knowledge, fame, power gives people potency.
I will not get all this from the time when I will not have achieved the rules.
Rules make the equation so easy.
This bare mind will never make it easy.
I am keen to gain the rules of this world.
I am searching.
I know this search will never end.
But I don’t want to break this empty hope I have.
This empty mind will give me a way to find the path.
I trust in this bare mind I have.
An empty mind gives me the pleasure of finding the path.
Once I find it I will never lost.
That’s the mysteries I want to unravel.

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